Real time PC and Network Support – Any Time.

Remote PC Support – (RPCS) provides real-time PC and Network support over the web and phone. It’s Safe, Secure and Reliable. Unlike other companies that offer remote support, we go one step further to ensure your support request is both pleasant and productive and that your support issues are resolved in the most cost effective manner. We can dispatch a service technician to your location for on-site support if we are not able to resolve your problem over the web remotely.

Local ([[wpgeo::city]]) Remote Desktop Computer Support Company

If you are sick and tired of local ([[wpgeo::city]]) based computer support companies and IT consultants that just can’t seem to keep your computers and network operational without recurring bouts of computer and network problems. Then it’s time to make a change. It’s time to get in touch with us


It gets even better, if we have to perform an on-site visit, we’ll refund* you 50% of your on-line fee and give you an additional 10% off on your first on-site visit. Service you will not find anywhere else. Try that with our competitors.

You don’t need a fortune 500 IT budget to enjoy quality support and service and you don’t need full-time idle support staff to keep your network operational.

* Refund only applies to businesses, does not extend to home office or home users.


  • Reliable connection to the Internet
  • Free phone line
  • Availability: You must set aside enough time for our support staff to help you with your computer problems
    (Remember: once the support session begins the fees are not refundable if you can not stay on line during the support session)
  • Valid credit card that belongs to you, along with verbal verification.
    (Remember: The person requesting support must be the card holder)

Process Overview

  • Signup for Remote PC Support
  • Select the amount of time you wish to spend with a RPCS agent.
  • If your need is urgent and you do not wish to queue for service. Please check the box marked immediate attention for immediate support (there will be an additional $100 fee which is non-refundable under any circumstance.)
  • Checkout using your valid credit card.
    (Remember: The person requesting support must be the card holder)
  • Upon successfully charging your credit card, you receive an email receipt for the service and you will be redirected to a web page from where your support session will commence.
  • You will enter the support request Queue and will be required to wait for one of our support technicians to begin the process of troubleshooting your problem.
  • Both the process and the technology are safe and secure.
    (Remember: Once the support begins the fees are not refundable if you can not stay on line during the support session)


  • Immediate attention to help resolve your technical problem
  • Increase Operational Efficiency (OE)
  • Reduce your IT spending
  • Increase staff productivity
  • Reduce system downtime

On-site Benefits

  • Quicker resolution with on-line diagnostics done via the use of Remote PC Support
  • We can dispatch qualified technicians that are able to resolve the identified problem
  • In and Out Service means less disruption to your daily operations
  • Reduced cost for on-site support

If we can’t resolve your technical problem via Our Remote PC Support session. We can dispatch a local technician to get the job done, who will be armed with the data gathered by our Remote PC Support agent. This not only reduces the time to resolution for an on-site support visit, but also cost less. Give it a Try!!!

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