About eZigma

From our humble beginning in 1996 when we operated under the name of “Net Soft Solutions”. We have had the good fortune of having survived many transitional phases over the last decade and a half. We have seen a number of up’s and downs in our economy. After having survived the dot com bust, 911 and more recently our failing economy, We are pleased and proud to be still standing strong, just as we did when we first set out to achieve what is still our mission today.

The Nineties

The late nineties was a period of prosperity and as a result most IT consulting companies could not care-less about the small “mom and pop” operation. In-fact most IT consultants were only interested in a contract or project with a “Fortune 500″. While the small business of the late 90′s suffered, and could not pay enough to get the professional help it needed to stay afloat and compete.

Originally based out of foot-hills of Milpitas, CA. We focused on helping the local small business community along the 101, 880 and 680 corridors. While our competition chased the fortune 500 gorilla, we silently helped our small business community grow their business, by providing the critical support and services they needed to flourish.

Our business model was very simple. Help a small company grow and along with it so shall we. And we did. Much more then we ever imagined.

The New Millennium

By 2000 we had most of California under our belt and could deploy our resources to most major towns and cities with nothing more than a few hours notice. As our presence in California grew so did our desire to step out of California. It was not long before we had made our mark all over the west coast, Everywhere from Washington state to Utah and as Far South as New Mexico and Texas.

By 2003, we had moved our entire operation to Houston, TX. Which is where we stand today. The move was a strategic play in our growth. By relocation to Houston, TX. We were now able to offer more than just outsourced on-site IT consulting. We now operated a fully manned and well trained help-desk facility to help our nationwide clients with out of hours support. Essentially acting as an extension of our clients internal help-desk, which would go off-line after normal business hours. We took the role and responsibility of supporting our clients end users for all after hours support requirements.


Despite the down-turn in world economies, we have not only manged to stay in business, but are growing our services, company and client list. This can only be attributed to the fact that we have kept to our founding principals of helping small companies survive and grow, and along with their growth comes ours. Our commitment to our clients is second to none. Isn’t it time you also joined our growing and satisfied list of clients

The Future

We do not possess any crystal balls, nor do we rely on luck or the alignment of the heavens, so we are not able to predict what will be. However we have proven time and time again that if we continue to do the right thing and treat our clients just as we wish and deserve to be treated then the future can be nothing short of bright and promising. On this note, we wish all our existing clients great success in their business and look forward to their continued support and welcome you to join them in our mutual success.

Our team

With a strong management team coupled with over 5000 IT consultants nationwide, We are clearly one of the best choices as an On site IT Solutions Partner. Our management consists of a key number of individuals with over 90 years of combined IT Service Management experience along with the core founders of eZigma

Service Locations

eZigma offers On Site IT Services and Support in over 300+ major US towns and cities. Our network of IT consultants comprises of individuals with skills ranging from basic computer and network support and troubleshooting to more specialized skills such as Cisco, Sun and Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers, Security Consultants and more. To see if we service your area, please visit our service coverage map, to verify or request your are to be added to our list of locations supported

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